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skybow List Actions

Implement business logic on buttons and define powerful actions executed just by a click.

It's designed to run on Microsoft Lists and SharePoint Online.

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Core Features...

Implement business logic on buttons and define powerful actions executed on a click. skybow List Actions are seamlessly integrated buttons in the Command Bar on Modern List Views and can perform multiple actions on selected items by one single click. Easy to use editors help to configure the button's dynamic appearance and powerful actions.

Powerful SharePoint List Actions

Choose actions from a range of predefined action types and configure it to your needs.

Actions are executed one after each other in case your dynamic configured condition is evaluated as valid.



Perform on mutliple Items

Actions execution is started by clicking on the button and is running in context of selected items in current list view.

Therefore it's possible to handle cases to set values on multiple items or send multiple emails by one single click.


Integrated in Command Bar

These seamlessly integrated action button's appearance can be configured with a user friendly icon and dynamic visibility.

Define the visibiltiy of an action button contextual by selected items based based on a user or and status value.



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Perform a sequence of actions on a list or interact with selected items.

skybow List Actions makes this possible - simple and straightforward for the user, yet powerful.


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Seamless Integration...

There is no simple way to integrate actions into the command bar and interact with the list items or documents.

skybow List Actions do exactly that without having to write a single line of code.
For the action buttons you can define an icon and a display text and they fit seamlessly into the standard actions of a list or library.

skybow List Actions - LooknFeel

Context & Visibility Logic...

For each action button, the context can be defined whether it should be displayed when one, several or no element is selected. This way, the actions can access context-specific values e.g. individual fields of the selected item.

Using a visible expression, the visibility can also be defined dynamically and thus, for example, only displayed in a certain status or for a certain user.

skybow List Actions - Button Configuration

Powerful Actions Builder...

Several actions can be performed on a single button click, which can be configured via an intuitive editor.

The actions are executed in series and can be skipped with a dynamic condition. The execution order can be adjusted very easily.

skybow List Actions - Actions Builder

Predefined Action Types...

With predefined action types, common actions and quick processes can be configured.

Whether for standard operations like add, update or delete or sending an email, for all actions there is a corresponding editor.

  • With the "Show Message" action, user satisfaction can be significantly improved by always being informed about the current process step.
  • External systems can also be addressed via the "HTTP Request" action.
  • If the existing actions are not sufficient, the "Execute Script" action can be used to extend everything imaginable with JavaScript and placeholders. 

skybow List Actions - Predefined Action Types

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Bulk Execution...

List Actions allow you to perform actions on multiple selected items/documents. The configured actions are then executed per item or document.

skybow List Actions - Bulk Execution

Action Groups...

To group several actions together, they can be added as sub action of another action, which automatically creates a group and displays the actions as a dropdown control in the command bar

skybow List Actions - Grouping

Execution Condition...

An execution condition can be defined for each action. This allows individual actions to be executed, for example, depending on a status, a numerical value is more/less a threshold value or only for certain users.

skybow List Actions - Execution Condition


Use the skybow List Actions also on your smartphone or tablet.

They are displayed there as well and can be executed easily.

skybow List Actions - Responsiveness Mobile


You want to accomplish something that is not possible with the predefined actions?

No problem, with our "Execute Script" action and the powerful Expression Language anything can be extended based on JavaScript and simple placeholders.
Loading further JS libraries or execute functions is also possible.

skybow List Actions - Extensibility

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