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The low-code platform fully integrated into Microsoft 365

skybow platform is the only platform that is natively integrated into SharePoint and Teams. This means you can build advanced processes and forms without ever leaving the Microsoft environment. That ensures that there will be no compatibility issues and immediate familiarity.

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Solution Studio Dashboard

Build your entire solution with a single tool. You can design lists, libraries, forms, sets of actions, pages, styling, images, and more — without coding and any compromises.


You don't need a developer to build the Processes and Forms. Easily customize base templates according to your needs.

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Cost efficiency

With an average cost per user below 1€ per month, it is a no-brainer to include skybow into every workflow/forms project based on Microsoft technology.

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Build templates, share work, and roll out solutions with less development effort. Use your team's progress in multiple environments.

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Two packages
Endless possibilities

skybow Platform


Includes all our Forms and Workflow features like for example Modern Forms, List Actions or our new Action Builder.

Deployment on one environment

skybow Platform


Standard + Business features like Provisioning, Change Management, Templating and Collaborative Working.

Deployment on multiple environments

Create easy-to-use templates

Stop wasting your time building the same processes all over again in different environments. Re-use your team's work efficiently by creating base templates that are easily adjustable to your needs. As a result, modernize all similar legacy forms in just a few clicks. 


Improve employee collaboration

skybow improves collaboration on two levels. On the end-user side, there are automated processes like Send Emails or Scheduled Reminders to promote communication and eliminate human error. On the development side, there is a possibility to work collaboratively on a project and share your progress. As an example, skybow support team can see our customers' problems live and due to our collaboration features can take immediate action to solve the given case. 


Digitalize your processes

It is hard to pinpoint how you would define a process or a workflow. At skybow all data that goes from point A to point B is a workflow. Most companies manage their crucial processes via Excel or other legacy software. skybow can with minimum development create workflows to streamline the information that is easy to understand for end-users.


Build smart and responsive Forms

Each digital form should be smart to adapt automatically to the user and its inputs.  It can only be achieved if you know the purpose of that form. That's why skybow made it possible for each user to adjust SharePoint forms effortlessly according to their needs. 


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