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Partnering with skybow - by Macaw

Office 365 is a powerful platform but many organizations struggle when it comes to maximizing the business value of Office 365. The main purpose of the platform is Employee Empowerment: helping employees to reach their full potential in terms of communication, finding and sharing knowledge, collaboration and business applications.

Empowered Employees contribute to the productivity, employability and efficiency of the organization. This goal can only be reached if the platform is embedded in the organization as a whole and the right tools are available to increase productivity. Achieving that goal is the main challenge for many organizations.

Why is Macaw partnering with skybow?

Macaw is partnering with skybow to enable businesses to easily implement, manage and roll out business solutions to increase productivity and Empower your Employees using SharePoint and Office 365. Macaw uses skybow Solution Studio as a tool for developing business solutions on top of SharePoint. By taking complex, and repetitive coding task from the solution development, skybow Solution Studio enables you to build solutions on top of SharePoint much faster and at a lower cost than with conventional methods.

What does Macaw do?

We love challenges. That is our motto. Since the early nineties over 250 Macaw employees have been creating high-end technical solutions for our customers from our offices in The Netherlands and Lithuania. We think out of the box and combine multiple perspectives, such as strategy, data, marketing and sales. And we don’t just implement this technology. We make sure it is adopted by your organization, because we are convinced that only then does it contribute to your success. What's your challenge?

Jeroen Struik

Written by Jeroen Struik

As Solution Consultant my main focus is Office 365 and SharePoint, looking at the broader picture to assist our customers in making the right choices in the digital age. I am involved in hands-on SharePoint projects as a lead consultant as well.