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Working with modern SharePoint forms using skybow Solution Studio.


Posted by Adis Jugo - 09 Mai, 2019

In the previous blog post we have seen that skybow has gone fully modern with skybow Solution Studio. In this blog post, we will see what the capabilities of skybow Modern Forms are, what can be done, and how.

If you choose to edit your form with skybow Modern Forms, you are going to be presented with the following interface. You see a default, one-column SharePoint list form, which opens in a sidebar on the right side.

If you go to the form settings, you will see that with skybow, you can actually change the with of that sidebar. Standard size is “small”, but you can also choose “Medium” (form covers half of the screen), large (form covers 3/4 of the screen), or even go for fully immersive form if your forms are complicated enough to require it.

I will go with “Large” for this demo.

Modern Forms Mask skybow

After that, if I click on a “+” sign in the form, I see that I can create a new row, with 3 possible different layouts: immersive row (1 column), “split row” (2 columns) or 3-columns row.

Modern Forms skybow columns

I will create a 3 columns row, and I see that I can immediately start dragging and dropping fields into the newly created row! Cool!

three clolumn layout sharepoint form

Let me press play in the skybow Solution Studio, to se what have I got. And – wow. There it is, modern list form, with three columns.

But wait, what happens with that form if I open it in a mobile device? Isn’t the whole point of modern to be responsive and mobile ready?

form design SharePoint modern page

Of course, it is. That’s why skybow Modern Forms are fully responsive and will properly render as one-column rows when open in a mobile device.

responsive sharepoint form

What else can I do with modern forms layout, except of creating multicolumn layouts? Obviously, tables do not make any sense, since they are by the nature never responsive, but how about tabs?

Sure. Add a tab control in the form, using the Plus sign, and create as many tabs in the control as you need. And then just drag and drop your fields inside the tab control.

create tabs in modern form

The result? Beautifully rendered form with tabs! And if you open on a mobile device, it is going to turn into a sort of accordion, so that there are no compromises with mobile forms.

modern new form with skybow

We have seen how easy it is to create beautiful mobile forms using skybow Solution Studio. In the next blog post, we are going to see how to make that forms intelligent!

Topics: Office 365, Sharepoint, SharePoint Online, Modern Forms

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