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2022 Recap

skybow achieved several key milestones in 2022, including a significant increase in our customer base. Check out the recap of 2022 for skybow solutions.

Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian Schneider

skybow is a company that is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to its customers. In the past year, we have achieved several key milestones that demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

One major achievement was the significant increase in our customer base. We were able to grow by 40 % thanks to our top-quality product, hardworking team, and great partners. We believe that this success is a testament to the value that we bring to our customers.

In addition, we released a new version of our Action Builder, which includes a wealth of new features and improvements based on customer feedback. Such features include:

These updates have made the tool even more powerful and user-friendly, helping our customers to be more productive and efficient.

We are also proud to announce that there are now two industry-specific products based on skybow, thanks to our partnerships with Teamsware and UPGREAT. These products are tailored to the specific needs of the construction and public administration sectors, respectively, and have been well-received by customers in these industries.

Maintaining high customer satisfaction is a top priority for us at skybow, and we are pleased to report that our satisfaction rate is currently above 98 %. We believe that this level of satisfaction is a result of our dedication to delivering the best possible products and services to our customers.

In 2022, we have also seen significant success in terms of global expansion. We have sold skybow products in 28 different countries, and we are excited to continue expanding our reach in the coming years.

Finally, we would like to take a moment to recognize the loyalty and dedication of our team in Ukraine, who have faced many challenges this year. Despite these challenges, we have remained committed to our team and are proud to have them as an integral part of skybow.

All in all, we are grateful to our customers, partners, and team for their support, and we look forward to continuing to deliver innovative solutions for SharePoint in the future.

Sebastian Schneider
CEO, skybow

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