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Do you already work modern? (Part 5 of 5)

Do you already work modern? Mobile work (part 5/5) In this blog series we are talking about modern working style on the M365 platform

Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian Schneider

Mobile working is the idea to get things done wherever you are. There is a request coming in – approve it with just one click on your mobile phone. Scan something without leaving the environment start working on it.

To discuss modern mobile working we are going to have a closer look at our imaginative architect Sara Closby.

Today Sara gets up at 7:45 and starts her day with a nice cappuccino at her favorite coffee place. While waiting for her drink to get cold she receives an automated email that she needs to inspect the bathroom of her newly designed villa. The inspection is due because of a miss order that will lead to extra costs beyond 2500$. She can see that because next to the alert email, she also finds a booking link where she can fill in her availability to meet with the relevant stakeholders to discuss the action plan.

After finishing her cappuccino, she receives another email with a meeting invite. She can meet up today at the villa at 2pm. Her morning flies by while googling for the best looks for red cowboy boots.

At the villa she immediately sees the damage caused by a sledgehammer directed into the shower. She decides to take a picture with her phone and to upload it into her Project Management app. She makes a request to extend the budget and uses the picture as proof why this budget is needed.

Seconds later her request is declined but with a remark next to it. Her boss tells her that he is not extending the bathroom budget but that if she finds other project parts where less money was used than expected she can re-direct the budget into the bathroom budget.

Sara goes into the financial overview of her Project Management and directly sees that the patio was build for 4000$ less than initially planned. She highlights the financial gap in the app and notifies her manager. After a few more moments her initial request goes from declined to approved and she can now take the necessary steps to get the shower fixed.

If you are reading this, you are obviously aware that Sara is using an app build with skybow Solution Studio and that this is not necessarily bound to being an architect. Be like Sara and have more time doing what you love, because you can get things done while you are on sight.

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