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How to find all your InfoPath forms within 5 minutes

The first step in the process of InfoPath Replacement is to find all your forms which are still in use in your company. In this blog post you'll learn how you can do the search automatically and without spending 100s of hours on that step.

Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian Schneider

InfoPath is a software application developed by Microsoft for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms. It allows users to create and customize forms and has been widely used and loved for its great features in businesses for over a decade. But the support for this software will end in 2026 by Microsoft. This means that companies using InfoPath need to consider alternatives. The first step in migrating InfoPath forms is to find out where these forms are located. That's why we will look at an automated way to track down all you InfoPath forms.

Expiration date of your InfoPath forms: NOW not 2026

Despite the many extremely helpful features that InfoPath has provided over the years for creating forms in and for SharePoint, the era is slowly coming to an end. Because all your InfoPath forms have an expiration date. This is not only in 2026, as the end of Microsoft support might suggests. Since the last update for InfoPath 2013 in December 2018, there have been no updates to the functions and features of InfoPath. This means that you are currently using forms that are technically over 5 years old. This is your sign to replace your forms with modern alternatives.

Who seeks, shall find (not)

However, before you can migrate your InfoPath forms, you first need to find out where they are still in use in your company. Since the areas of application for these forms are extremely broad, they can be in all business parts. So it's super difficult and extremely time-consuming to get a good overview of the current state of affairs. It can take 100s of hours to finally find all your InfoPath forms and even then there is no 100 % guarantee that there isn't still a form somewhere that hasn't been discovered.

Your hero in the InfoPath forms chaos: The Formulator

We wouldn't be one of the leading providers of form creation tools for SharePoint if we didn't know a solution for this too: The Formulator. It's the perfect tool to prepare for your InfoPath migration and offers numerous helpful features.

Where are your forms?

With this tool, you can locate all your InfoPath forms throughout the entire company in just a few minutes and without any manual effort. So you know exactly how many forms are still available and what they are currently being used for. This step alone saves 100s of hours of manual searching.

Which forms are still in use?

At the same time, the tool shows which forms are still being used. Often, there are numerous forms in companies that are simply no longer needed. This allows you to focus on migrating only the forms that actually provide added value. This saves a lot of time and money again.

How complicated will the migration be?

Not all InfoPath forms are built the same. Depending on the components they contain, their migration can be more or less complicated. The Formulator also analyzes this aspect and indicates directly which forms are easy, medium, or very difficult to migrate. This gives you an overview of the effort that will be required in the migration.

Found! And now? Let's start migrating!

Once you have found all of your InfoPath forms, know which forms are still being used and how complex their migration will be, the work is not yet finished. This is where the essential part of InfoPath replacement begins. Because now you have to start looking for a suitable alternative for InfoPath and migrate your forms there.

Of course, there are numerous alternatives available, such as Nintex, Lightning Tools, Microsoft Power Apps or skybow. Next week we will summarize all the strengths and weaknesses of these tools for you to simplify the decision-making and search process - so stay tuned. 😉

You can already read about the difference between Microsoft PowerApps and skybow here!

How to migrate all your InfoPath forms automatically without spending 100s of hours

No desire for hours of manual migration of your InfoPath forms? We wouldn't either!

With the tool set we provide, you can not only locate all your InfoPath forms, but also migrate them directly and automatically into SharePoint. By the way, as a Microsoft 365 user, you automatically have access to SharePoint without incurring any additional costs. This saves you tons of time, money, and especially nerves!

Do you want to know how you can find and automatically migrate all your dying InfoPath forms?

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