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Modern business apps on top of modern SharePoint? Sure. With skybow.

You can easily work with and customize modern forms and modern action bar, and make your SharePoint intelligent, useful, and still have it look pretty!

Adis Jugo

Adis Jugo

Custom forms and logic on modern SharePoint?

There was one thing that was holding lot of organizations back on classic SharePoint: customizations! There were may 3rd party forms and workflow solutions built for it, you could easily inject some JavaScript code through JSLink or directly – there were ways.

Not so with modern SharePoint. Sure, you can go down the PowerApps path for basic form customization, but you are going to hit some nasty deadens very soon – PowerApps are overcomplicated and underperforming. Microsoft recently published list and field formatters, which definitely help to make your list views and forms look pretty, but not much more than that was actually possible.

Until now! I am very proud and very honored to present you skybow platform for modern interfaces, where you don’t need to make any compromises. The very skybow promise! You can easily work with and customize modern forms and modern action bar, and make your SharePoint intelligent, useful, and still have it look pretty!

In this short series of four blog posts, I am going to introduce you to modern skybow. I promise you are going to hold your breath few times while reading it.

Where do I start?

You start where you have always been starting: with skybow solution studio! ( Did I already mention it is for free for one user (usually the developer)? I didn’t? Well, it is free for one user (usually a developer!). Just go there, make account, and start.

When you create a new solution, if your destination is a modern SharePoint site, you will be presented with a choice if you want to use the classic, or new modern experience for your solution:

build modern sharepoint solution with skybow

Choose the “New experience” and proceed with creating new solution.

Creating new solution is exactly the same as with the old, classic solutions. Once your solution has been created, you will see a blank SharePoint site, no lists or libraries whatsoever (except of the default ones, which are still not a part of your solution).

Well, it’s a time to create a list now. I will choose “Contacts” list template, because it already gives me a plenty of fields to play with, but you can of course choose any other list or library type.

It is important to choose the new experience here, as well:

create new list in sharepoint skybow

Great, now when the list has been created open any of its forms (display, new, edit), or it’s default list view in skybow Solution Studio, and you will see that you’ve got two customization buttons now: to use “Classic” Rich Forms, or to use new skybow Modern Forms.

choose modern or classic view skybow

This is your last chance to revert to the classic look and feel – which will happen if you choose the Rich Forms, but we are not going back. We will choose the “Modern Forms” and dive into the beautiful new world of modern skybow. There is no way back!

But that’s something for the next blog post.

Adis Jugo
Former Director of Product Technology, skybow

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