InfoPath Replacement

Replace your InfoPath forms without spending hundreds of hours

Together with Kudzu we have launched an innovative toolset for automized InfoPath replacement. With the help of this toolset, you can easily and quickly migrate your InfoPath forms to Microsoft SharePoint.

Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian Schneider

Are you still an InfoPath user? Then you've definitely heard this statement before: Microsoft support for the technology ends in 2026 and all forms must be replaced. It's the same old story over and over again ..

But no one mentions how difficult and time-consuming it is to track down and replace all the InfoPath forms in a company. They can be scattered throughout the business and often there is no overview of them. This is a task that most InfoPath users would probably like to escape for as long as possible.

But 2026 is coming, the support will end and from experience 2.5 years go by much faster than you think. That's why we joined a partnership with our partner Kudzu Software and created a suitable solution. Because as a leading provider of business solutions for the digitization of workflows on Microsoft SharePoint, we don't want to leave you InfoPath users out in the cold with the annoying topic of InfoPath migration.

For those who may not know exactly what InfoPath is - here is a brief explanation: InfoPath is a software application developed by Microsoft for designing, distributing, filling and submitting electronic forms. It allows users to create and customize forms and has been widely used and loved in businesses for over a decade.

Together with Kudzu we have developed and launched an innovative toolset for automized InfoPath replacement. With the help of this toolset, you can easily and quickly migrate your InfoPath forms to Microsoft SharePoint.

"skybow is committed to providing innovative solutions that help our customers achieve their business goals. Our collaboration with Kudzu Software has allowed us to develop a toolset that simplifies the migration process for InfoPath forms, saving businesses lots of time and money."
Sebastian Schneider, CEO of skybow

It streamlines the InfoPath replacement process by automating the search for InfoPath forms in a company, checking for their further necessity, and migrating them to SharePoint. The toolset is designed to be user-friendly, enabling businesses to automatically migrate their forms with minimal disruption to their workflows.

Fascinating are not only the numerous functions, but above all the enormous workload reduction for you and your team. Because it saves you 100s of hours of work and thus also a lot of money and nerves. By the way, the toolset is worthwhile for any size of company and no matter how many forms you still have hidden away. Even with only 20 forms, the ROI is over 70. Which software toolset can claim that?

"We are thrilled to partner with skybow on this exciting project. Our joint expertise in SharePoint and form management has enabled us to create a toolset that will be incredibly valuable for businesses looking to migrate their InfoPath forms."
Rob D'Oria, CEO of Kudzu

Curious about how the solution works?
Then book a call with one of our experts directly! We'll show you exactly how our toolset gives your InfoPath migration the absolute power boost.

After that, you won't have to worry about InfoPath anymore and can ignore all the news about it. 😌

Sebastian Schneider
CEO, skybow

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