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how to get a nice looking SharePoint User Interface with a couple of clicks. You can create multiple themes and apply them easily globally or on specific forms

Matthias Walter

Matthias Walter

You are working with SharePoint whether On Premises or Online but you are not satisfied with the default look and feel?

This Blog post including the related Webinar record is about how to get a nice looking SharePoint User Interface with a couple of clicks. Of course you can use SharePoint Designer or Microsoft Visual Studio to adjust it to your corporate design requirements. But if you do this, you need to have advanced HTML/CSS ls and youeed to change the default layout. Therefore, you are losing the possibility to get automatic updates at least online.

If you have a hybrid scenario it is so easy to apply these styles on both platforms, so the user will get the same experience. With skybow Theme Designer you can create multiple themes and apply them very easily whether globally or on specific forms and views. The intuitive designer allows you to change the look and feel in minutes and you will directly get a preview on how it will look like.

In case you missed the Webinar we attached the record down below. Furthermore there were a few questions which were handed in. You can find the questions and the corresponding answers below the video.

Again, thanks everyone for attending, and until the next Webinar!

Webinar Recording Video:

Joost from the Netherlands asked if Theme Designer can help in building responsive themes?

Unfortunately, classic SharePoint pages are not responsive. So we could actually make the forms part customized using Rich Forms responsive, but the pages will still not work responsively. Luckily a new modern SharePoint page experience is coming, which provides fully responsive pages from the start. We aim to implement responsive forms with Rich Forms as soon as Microsoft makes customizing these modern pages available. The forms can then be filled out easily on any device and will even work with the Microsoft's SharePoint mobile app.

Michael from Germany asked where the themes are saved to?

The theme definition is stored in a hidden library in the site called “sbThemeDesigner”. If it is applied to a form or a site the file is copied and “themed” in the Style Library of the site collection.

Marcel from Switzerland asked how he can get Theme Designer to install on premises?

If you want to use skybow Theme Designer in your On Premises environment, you need to configure the app environment for you SharePoint farm as described here. This is possible SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016. Afterwards you have two options to install skybow Theme Designer. You can get it directly from the Office Store or if not accessible you can download an “.app” package from the skybow Portal or by contacting our support ( and install it to your corporate app catalog.

Matthias Walter
CPO, skybow

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