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skybow Solution Studio is a low-code business app platform.
Create solutions within SharePoint Online sites in Microsoft 365, then deploy, manage, and even sell them to online and on-premises SharePoint sites. It's web-based, easy-to-use, really powerful, and 100% SharePoint.


Learn how to startStart in Solution Studio

Build the entire solution with a single tool

Every solution typically consists of three parts, the user interface, business logic, and data storage. Solution Studio is designed to let you build the whole thing from one solution design environment. You can design lists, libraries, forms, sets of actions, pages, styling, images, and more — without moving from product to product.

In particular, we've noticed most tools for SharePoint assume you already built and configured all of your lists and libraries. Well, skybow thinks that's an essential part of any solution -- so we take lists and libraries very seriously.

The starting point of most skybow solutions is a dossier, or case file. So you can open one form and see everything about a given item across multiple lists and libraries. It's really a set of interdependent SharePoint lists and libraries that form one or more master-detail relationships. When you combine it with data aggregation and/or metadata inheritance, you can make the data automatically do work you used to have to hard-code into forms or workflows.

Provisioning Engine: Package. Deploy. Update. Repeat.

Unlike most low-code/no-code tools, Solution Studio assumes you’ll want to develop a solution in one place, test it in yet another place, and ultimately deploy it to another place for production usage. Oh, and that you'll want to make changes later and test/publish those, too. And even create a catalog of solution templates. We make those things easy -- really easy.

You don't have to start from scratch, and you can make your work reusable by others

We provide several templates to get you started, and you can create more. Anything designed using Solution Studio can be turned into a template. Sharing templates is easy.

A collection of fantastic Features to build the App

While the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, the parts are pretty great all by themselves. The following tools can be used within a Solution Studio solution:

A collection of fantastic Features to build the App

What's it like to build something with skybow Solution Studio?

If you can create a SharePoint list and/or add Web Parts to a SharePoint page, you'll find Solution Studio quick and easy. The process often goes something like this:

  • Design your schema. These can be standalone lists/libraries and/or something we call a dossier. A dossier is a set of SharePoint lists/libraries linked together to behave like a database. You can view a master list item and all related detail items like one complete case file. We do the linking for you.
  • Build your forms. We'll actually help build them for you, including tabbed pages and master/detail lists. But you can take them much further from there.
  • Build your actions. These can be links on a page, buttons on a form, or scheduled actions. They can trigger a whole set of instructions that take place as a set.
  • Add extra functionality. Would you like totals to be calculated automatically? To generate a Word document containing all the content in a case file? To have custom pages, images, or Quick Launch links? You can do that, too.
  • Add any assets. This can include images, pages, list item content, library documents, navigation links, style and theme configurations, and more.
  • Package together a release.
  • Deploy that release package to your test or production environment using one of several available methods, the easiest of which is little more than one click.

What's it like to build something with skybow Solution Studio?

What have people built with skybow Solution Studio?


  • GDPR Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Project Management
  • Contract Management
  • Employee Management
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Employee Reviews
  • Incident Management
  • Open issues Management
  • Change Management
  • Account Management
  • Quality Management
  • Approval Processes
  • Task Management


  • Facility Management
  • Idea Management
  • Product Management
  • Conciliation Committee
  • Expenses Management
  • Investment Approval
  • Mobile Management
  • Badge Management
  • Software Management
  • Patch management
  • Budget Management
  • Training Management
  • Meeting Management


  • Real Estate Management
  • Risk Profile
  • Patent Management
  • Lawyer Cases
  • Classes Management
  • Student Onboarding
  • eDossier (Case File)
  • Credit Approval
  • Compliance Cases
  • Job Candidates
  • Patients Onboarding
  • Treatment Plans
  • Restaurant Management


  • Airplane Maintenance
  • Device Management with IOT
  • Inbox organized by a Bot
  • Machinery Management
  • Claims Cases
  • Art Objects Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Training Management
  • Parking lot Management
  • Grantee Portal
  • Hermes Project Management
  • IT Tickets
  • Wine Cellar

More about those features provided in Solution Studio ...

Modern Forms and Actions to digitize your processes

skybow Modern Forms and Actions is an integral part of skybow Solution Studio, and provides an easy-to-use, yet powerful editor to customize modern lists. It is fully responsive so you can use the Forms on any device. Even complex form designs with three columns and tabs, will switch to an easy one column Form on your smartphone.

Key features:

  • Fully responsive forms
  • Use tabs to organize fields
  • Master-detail sublists
  • Cross site collection lookup
  • Cascading Lookups
  • Enrich controls with logic: visibility/enabled conditions, calculated/default values, field validation, requirement conditions
  • Powerful action builder
  • Handle complex business logic

Rich Forms to create simple user interfaces

skybow Rich Forms is an integral part of skybow Solution Studio, and provides an easy-to-use, yet powerful editor to customize list forms. Building forms in SharePoint Online that look great and fulfill all your requirements of your forms has never been easier!

Key features:

  • Deploy easily
  • Place form fields freely
  • Group vertically, horizontally or in tabs
  • Edit sub items in a grid
  • Cascading Lookups
  • Design forms per Content Type separately
  • Handle complex business logic

Action Links to implement business processes

skybow Action Links are the integral part of Solution Studio, which enables you to easily implement even the most complex business logic into SharePoint Online with powerful actions.

Key features:

  • Serial execution of multiple actions
  • Define execution condition on each action
  • Define dynamic visibility
  • Drag & drop functionality for reordering action links
  • Multiple action types:
    • Add, update & delete list item
    • Send mail
    • Start workflow
    • Show message
    • etc.

List View Search to filter large lists

skybow List View Search is an integral part of skybow Solution Studio, which enables users to easily find information in lists. Add skybow List View Search above any list or library view to provide useful search inputs. You can easily configure the underlying query, the columns to search in and the comparison to use.

Key features:

  • Applicable for list views on any page, view or form
  • Accessible dropdown of actual list columns to quickly add new filters
  • Drag & drop functionality for reordering search inputs
  • An easy query builder to configure more complex queries
  • Supporting all standard columns incl. Managed Metadata

Calculated Values for field calculations of all types

Formulas, string, numeric or date functions, regular expressions or advanced JavaScript-based expressions and much more: all of that can be used for calculated fields. The built-in expression editor helps Solution Creators to build and test their calculations.

Key features:

  • e.g. nice looking icon for project status
  • Configurable on standard columns in every list
  • Simple text or date calculation
  • Advanced JavaScript based expressions to perform complex calculations
  • Asynchronous background calculation

Metadata Inheritance to optimize search results

Optimize the search result and refinement possibilities of SharePoint by inheriting metadata to related documents and items from its superordinate element.

Key features:

  • To be used in a dossier (master-detail relation)
  • Configurable on standard columns of a detail list
  • Retrieve values from a connected master list item’s column
  • Use inherited data to improve search results
  • Automatic recalculation on changes in master list
  • Asynchronous background calculation

Data Aggregation to aggregate values from related items

Define multiple aggregation types (summaries, averages, maximums and minimums, count) across multiple lists and fields, usually in some kind of master-detail relations. The data is physically persisted in SharePoint lists and can be used as a part of any other calculation process.

Key features:

  • To be used in a dossier (master-detail relation)
  • Configurable on standard columns of a master list
  • Calculate sum, count, min, max or average of a column in a detail list
  • Use optional filter (e.g. open tasks only)
  • Automatic recalculation on changes in detail list
  • Asynchronous background calculation

Document Generation to create documents with SharePoint metadata

Generate documents based on standard Microsoft Word files filled with SharePoint list data by just one click.

Key features:

  • Print your content nicely formatted
  • Loop functionality for (sub)list
  • Generate an inventory of a complete list
  • Based on a standard MS Word file
  • Use powerful placeholder to fill with SharePoint list data
  • Final document can be downloaded or directly stored in a SharePoint library

Scheduled Actions to execute repeatable actions on specific items

Just configure scheduled actions like a rule to plan automated executions with actions from a set of powerful action types.

Key features:

  • Execute actions hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
  • e.g. set email reminders or update items on a specific date
  • Define dynamic filters to find items to be act on
  • Serial execution of multiple actions
  • Define execution condition on each action

Triggered Actions to execute actions when items are added or changed

Just configure triggered actions from a set of powerful action types.

Key features:

  • Execute (multiple) actions when items or documents are added or updated in SharePoint
  • e.g. send email notifications when someone completes a task
  • e.g. set document properties when uploading via drag'n'drop
  • Define the trigger to be on added, on updated or both
  • Serial execution of multiple actions
  • Define execution condition on each action e.g. to check if a field has been changed