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From Microsoft Teams to Planner: Create SharePoint Workflows Including M365 Tools Without Coding

We'll show you how you can best integrate M365 tools into SharePoint workflows. This increases user adoption without new tools.

Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian Schneider

What does it take for a workflow or digital solution to actually work? It has to be used by the team. That's the absolute guarantee of success.

Of course, the workflow or solution should also work reliably, cover all requirements and be easy to use. But no matter how well it's built, if it isn't used, even the best workflow is useless.

As simple as that sounds, it can be difficult to achieve. But there's a method that will ensure user adoption: Integrate automated workflows and digital solutions into the tools that users already use on a daily basis.

Why does this work?

  • Users don't have an additional tool that they have to check every day.
  • They don't have to familiarize themselves with a new UI.
  • Employees don't need a new login.

The Microsoft 365 suite is ideal for this approach. It's already available in most companies. You just need to exploit their full potential in automated processes and digital solutions. With the help of SharePoint, tools such as Microsoft Teams, Planner, OneNote, etc. can be perfectly combined into well-functioning workflows. They take a lot of manual work off your hands, avoid errors and guarantee compliance with quality standards.

We'll explain what such a SharePoint workflow including M365 tools can look like and what options are available using a few examples.

Real-world SharePoint workflows including M365 tools

There are numerous examples of real-world SharePoint workflows including M365 tools. The M365 suite can be easily integrated into almost any workflow. In every workflow it's necessary to complete tasks, send notifications or document information. Not always everything at the same time, but one of the components is always used.

We have picked out two examples that are used in every company: Project management and an onboarding solution.

The main purpose of these examples is to show the benefits of integrating digital SharePoint workflows for processes into the M365 suite.

Project Management

The start of a new project is about to be launched. The first step is to create the entire structure for a new project. This should enable all stakeholders to work together as efficiently as possible. The structure also ensures that all information is easy to find at all times. If this structure is always uniform for all projects of the same type, this also ensures a high standard of quality.

A new project would therefore be created using a SharePoint form. The entire structure would then be created automatically in the background.

The SharePoint workflow including M365 tools could automatically create this structure:

  • A team with predefined channels (mirroring the project phases) in Microsoft Teams
  • A planner with specific tasks in MS Planner
  • A preset OneNote for team collaboration

This process can be tailored to various project types, ensuring that each project's unique requirements are met, whether it's a digital transformation initiative, new product development, or product enhancement.

SharePoint workflow including M365 tools for a project management solution

Onboarding Solution

If a vacancy is filled by one of the applicants, this information can be stored in the system again using a SharePoint form. Here, too, a fully automated SharePoint workflow including M365 tools could be triggered:

  • Necessary onboarding tasks are automatically created and assigned based on the department and position in Microsoft Planner.
  • Tasks can be tracked in MS Planner by the HR team, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding experience.
  • Responsible employees are informed via MS Teams about the hiring and the To Dos to be completed in.

SharePoint workflow including M365 tools for an onboarding solution

Seamless integration for enhanced productivity

Both examples impressively demonstrate the advantages that SharePoint workflows including M365 tools can offer.

They eliminate numerous manual tasks, allowing more time to be invested in the to-dos that add value. This ensures a high standard. No tasks or structures can be forgotten.

All the M365 suite tools mentioned above can be easily used via Microsoft Teams. MS Teams allows the consolidation of processes, forms, tasks, and notes into a single tool. This integration eliminates the need to juggle multiple tools, enhancing efficiency and ensuring a smoother workflow.

How to create SharePoint workflows including M365 tools without coding

Attempting to build such a workflows including M365 tools natively in SharePoint would be exceedingly complex and time-consuming. That's why skybow's low-code platform offers the possibility to set up such workflows without programming knowledge using powerful automation actions.

With these actions, creating SharePoint workflows that are 100 % integrated with the M365 suite has never been easier. From automating tasks within Microsoft Teams (such as creating teams, defining channels, and sending messages) to managing projects in Microsoft Planner (creating plans, tasks, and updates) and even generating predefined OneNotes for team collaboration, the possibilities are endless.

And the best part? All of this can be achieved through a user-friendly low-code assistant, ensuring that high-quality standards are maintained while eliminating manual errors.

Examples of SharePoint workflows including M365 tools built with skybow without coding.

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Sebastian Schneider
CEO, skybow

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