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City of St. Gallen: Business App Platform

About the Solution ...

Initial position

More and more data is lost in the digital world. The city of St. Gallen also saw this problem, seeking a business solution and file management system that would preserve the historical heritage for future generations and also fulfill the legal requirements for document management. In order to be able to manage the vast amount of electronic data with a life cycle management in the sense of the Guidelines for file management (DDP - digital documents and processes), the following requirements are met:

- Compliance with legislation and directive

- Simplified cooperation across directorates and departments

- Files are filed digitally in a structured manner, checked or archived

- Files are systematically and automatically provided with the necessary eCH metadata

- Files are quickly found according to the permissions (full text search)

- Own SharePoint developers configure dossiers, business cases and processes independently


UP-GREAT's Microsoft SharePoint and the skybow file management system provide up-to-date simplicity and efficiency. This makes the SharePoint document management system a fully-fledged solution for business transactions:

- Documents are analyzed, corrected and restructured (organization project) and gradually migrated to the new app platform

- Easy navigation through business apps

- Interim SharePoint archive for regulatory storage

- Long-term archiving with third-party product

Thanks to this solution, all 37 departments of the city of St. Gallen can fulfill the statutory tasks in the service of the population in a transparent and citizen-oriented way.


In the following, we would like to give you an example. In this case we are talking about an efficient maintenance of all printers used within the 37 departments of the city of St. Gallen. It was a question of checking the master data, as well as the order with additional options.

The check of the inventory data of existing printers, as well as the monitoring of the progress in the individual departments was realized with a simple "traffic light" solution:

St.Gallen Screenshot 3.png

The order for additional options for the multifunction devices and printers, including notification of the directly incurred costs in a consolidated list for the subsequent order, has also been implemented:

St.Gallen Screenshot-1.png

About the Solution Creator ...

UP-GREAT AG is an IT company with over 70 employees that has been on the road since 1995. UPGREAT accompanies and relieves successful companies on their digital journey.

In an environment in which the needs and requirements for IT are constantly changing and growing, UPGREAT feels comfortable. IT is integrated here.

UPGREAT thinks of humans and uses technology to make a valuable contribution to simplifying and optimizing the business, support and management processes.

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