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Coop: App Platform "prontobook"

About the Solution ...

Derived from a strategic program, Coop Mineraloel sought a solution to optimize systems and processes and simplify collaboration across departments. For Coop Mineraloel it was particularly important that sales and regional managers could focus on their core business. In the new system, Prontobook file servers are replaced and business can now map processes centrally. Fixed Sharepoint workflows help to better manage interfaces and uncover duplications.

"Prontobook's simplicity, quick access to documents, good attention and speed are the highlights of Prontobook", explains Sven Herzog, a regional manager and user of Prontobook. Prontobook runs on Microsoft SharePoint.

The prefabricated SharePoint extensions help to significantly reduce development time. This allows similar business applications to be implemented more quickly and with the same quality. Embedded in the SharePoint extensions is a model editor, which, in combination with the configurability of SharePoint, helps to model the desired dossiers, collaboration rooms, workflows and business applications by means of a simple click rather than elaborate programming.


Initial postion

  • Over 260 Coop Pronto with or without gas station
  • Every year between 10-15 new Coop Pronto sides with or without gas station
  • Illustration and optimization of internal processes
  • Controlling and traceability of business processes 


  • Consulting, project management and design
  • Smart business platform
  • New system Prontobook replaces the file servers
  • Central representation of various processes
  • Fixed Sharepoint workflows introduced so that the interfaces can be better managed and duplications can be revealed

About the Solution Creator ...

UP-GREAT AG is an IT company with over 70 employees that has been on the road since 1995. UPGREAT accompanies and relieves successful companies on their digital journey.

In an environment in which the needs and requirements for IT are constantly changing and growing, UPGREAT feels comfortable. IT is integrated here.

UPGREAT thinks of humans and uses technology to make a valuable contribution to simplifying and optimizing the business, support and management processes.

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