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CRM System with Rich Forms

About the Solution ...

What was your challenge?

We needed to build our own CRM system and decided that Microsoft Sharepoint would be the best platform to build it on. One of the biggest gripes about Sharepoint is that by default the look, visuals and style is very bland so we needed a software solution that would help us customise our Sharepoint build to make it look and feel better visually.

How could you solve it?

Using the products of skybow enabled us to create and design custom themes that made our Sharepoint build look more user friendly. We were impressed with just how easy the software was to use and having no experience with programming was thankfully not an issue. We also utilised the rich forms software and through using this we could create dynamic forms that was pinnacle in being able to create variable customer contact forms.

Working with skybow is a very pleasurable experience, Loic, Matthias and his team are very friendly and helpful. If we ever run into any issues or didn’t grasp something, they were literally at our beck and call. Would highly recommend both the company and software.

Richard Richards - Business Development Manager at Local Green Guide Ltd

About the Solution Creator ...

lgg marketing
LGG Marketing are a direct marketing company based in North London specializing in leaflet distributions, bespoke distributions, printing and design, as well as street and event promotions. They work with a variety of businesses, from other Marketing and Advertising companies that use them as their own in-house distribution team to high street brands such as Papa John's and Dominos Pizza, Nuffield Health Gyms, Maid2clean, Window Skins, Schools, Councils as well as many Estate Agents, Charities and other types of businesses not listed.

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