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Access Services Replacement with Solution Studio Online

About the Solution ...


First, here is something about our IT strategy. As we are a small company with extremely limited resources, we have to make our processes highly efficient. This applies especially to our IT tools. When migrating our tools to the cloud for this project, we have a clear guideline: we do not program anything ourselves. We adapt state-of-the-art solutions to our needs (naturally also using expressions and JavaScript). Office 365 and SharePoint are an ideal foundation for this.

 What was your Challenge?

SharePoint out-of-the-box is too limited for our needs, so we switched to the Access Service apps. For us, a big disadvantage of SharePoint is how it handles data relations over more than two levels (mother and child). With the Access Service apps, we were able to create complex data checks and queries. A central aspect was the user-friendly design of the UI, in particular when displaying information from other tables. However, the Access Service apps are not integrated into SharePoint (user interface and navigation).

How could you solve it?

So, in the end, we decided to go with the skybow Solution Studio Online.

skybow Solution Studio gives us all the capabilities we had with the Access Service apps but it is integrated fully into SharePoint. Thanks to the extended range of functions offered by Solution Studio (in particular, JavaScript), additional functions can be added, which makes our tools even more efficient.

As a result of this SharePoint project, we have put all our business data into the cloud. skybow is used for all aspects of the administration of contacts, projects, time recording and invoicing (now Access later, hopefully, skybow Reports). We are also building a partner portal where we can offer our customers control and collaboration tools for their projects. There will also be forms, for which we will use the Solution Studio.


Oliver Giger - Real Estate Development at red KG

About the Solution Creator ...

red KG
red KG is specialized in the development of hotel and mixed-used real estate. From many years of experience, a process has emerged that is a state-of-the-art approach for project development for hotels. Through this structured and standardized approach, they are able to find the best solutions for real estate projects.

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