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Falcon Private Bank: Virtual Desktop

About the Solution ...

Falcon Private Bank Ltd. is an experienced Swiss private bank specializing in asset management for wealthy individuals and families. Their global customers benefit from over 40 years of experience in Swiss Private Banking and the financial strength and solidity of their owner Aabar Investments PJSC.

What was your challenge?

  • Different Areas of business needs had to be covered
  • Solution needed to be – anywhere/anytime accessible
  • Strict Time Schedule – Rollout five Weeks after Proof of concept.
  • TCO (Total Cost Ownership) needed to be reduced
  • Strict security regulations


How could you solve it?

Personalized virtual Desktop with many different business applications:

  • Donwload Center
  • Employee Profile
  • Team Rooms
  • Project Rooms
  • Invoice Management
  • Global Data Center
  • Offerings
  • Contract Management

  • A customized Trading Workstation and Desktop
  • Fulfillment of all security requirements


Patrick Andri – Hard of it Falcon Private Bank

“The world's centrally managed, personalized desktop, anytime, anywhere is a reality”

About the Solution Creator ...

UPGREAT is an IT company with over 70 employees that has been on the road since 1995. UPGREAT accompanies and relieves successful companies on their digital journey.

In an environment in which the needs and requirements for IT are constantly changing and growing, UPGREAT feels comfortable. IT is integrated here.

UPGREAT thinks of humans and uses technology to make a valuable contribution to simplifying and optimizing the business, support and management processes.

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