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ZAG: Business App Platform with QM

About the Solution ...


Structured and efficient work thanks to digital storage

Initial Position:

At the ZAG in Winterthur about 2,500 people are currently studying. ZAG's intranet is based on Microsoft SharePoint.

The ZAG relies on quality in the school business and introduced the system of Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH. With the Quintessenz quality system, the quality in companies can be made visible, writeable, verifiable and systematically measured.


The advantage of being able to expand Microsoft SharePoint as much as you can, the ZAG used to integrate the quality management system Q-ZAG. The Q-ZAG is the QMS, in which all documents are stored digitally and centrally. The digital storage helps in structured and efficient work and offers appropriate orientation.

All important information about the school day can be found at any time in the business platform Q-ZAG. The predefined structure of the system creates clarity and transparency with regard to tasks, competencies and responsibilities.

About the Solution Creator ...

UP-GREAT AG is an IT company with over 70 employees that has been on the road since 1995. UPGREAT accompanies and relieves successful companies on their digital journey.

In an environment in which the needs and requirements for IT are constantly changing and growing, UPGREAT feels comfortable. IT is integrated here.

UPGREAT thinks of humans and uses technology to make a valuable contribution to simplifying and optimizing the business, support and management processes.

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